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Ingersoll Rand has the centrifugal compressor to meet your exact needs.

Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of compressors, each designed for long-lasting performance, easy operation, and convenient service. This web page details the custom engineered MSG® and Turbo-Air® Oil-free Centrifugal Compressors designed to assure 100% oil-free air or nitrogen gas delivery.

TA (Turbo-Air) Compressors are completely packaged on a common base for easy installation. They are available in a number of configurations for capacities in the 600 CFM to 35,000 CFM range to a maximum of 12,000 horsepower and 1000 PSIG.

MSG (Multi-Stage Geared) compressors are application engineered with a number of available configurations for flow requirements from 600 CFM to 90,000 CFM to a maximum of 20,000 horsepower and 1000 PSIG.

No matter what your application requires, Ingersoll Rand centrifugal compressors offer outstanding flexibility backed by the engineering expertise to meet your specific needs.

Superior Packaging Options

Sensible packaging means TA and MSG® centrifugal compressors offer outstanding flexibility to meet a wide variety of plant and process air applications. Here are some packaging considerations to assist you in selecting the model that best fits your needs.


TA (Turbo Air)

The TA represents a ready-to-install, immediately available package in which the compressor base is packaged with the compressor, ASME coded intercoolers, lubrication system, control system, control guide vane, main driver and shaft coupling. Installation is simple, with air and oil piping complete and on the base. The entire package can be put in place with one lift.

MSG® (Multi Stage Geared)

MSG® compressors represent a number of different arrangements:

MSG – Compressor base with compressor and intercoolers. Lube oil reservoir and driver base separate.

MSGP – Compressor base with compressor, intercoolers, and lube oil reservoir. Driver base separate.

MSGPB – Compressor base with compressor and intercoolers adjoined to the motor base. Lube oil reservoir may be packaged under compressor base or driver base.


Ingersoll Rand Centrifugal Technology

Horizontally Split Gearbox

The horizontally split gearbox allows inspection or replacement of gears, bearings and oil seals by simply lifting a cover. No disassembly of piping or heat exchangers is necessary as with vertically split designs. Periodic inspections and maintenance are made easy through functional simplicity. Easy access is provided through removal of a few parts, unlike other compressor designs in which practically the entire machine must be disassembled just to inspect an impeller. Maintenance and downtime savings can be considerable.


Bull gear delivers optimum speed and efficiency.

The bull gear allows each pinion to operate at optimum speed as determined by the flow and efficiency characteristic of the impellers. The bull gear is connected directly to the compressor driver by a low speed coupling. There is no need for high speed couplings or external speed reduction gears. Gears are high speed, precision helical-type designed to meet or exceed AGMA standards quality.


Tilting pad bearings provide high stability and reliability.

which are subjected to variable loading over a wide range. In Ingersoll Rand centrifugal compressors, this means high reliability over the entire operating range of the unit, from full load to no load, from surge to stonewall. Bearing shoes are pressure lubricated and steel backed babbitt for maximum reliability.


Tapered “rider ring” thrust collars maximize efficiency.

The symmetry of the Ingersoll Rand centrifugal design cancels out the bulk of power-robbing thrust loads. Tapered “rider ring” thrust collars on the pinion shafts create an oil wedge which carries the small remaining net thrust to the bull gear where it is absorbed by a simple low speed thrust bearing. This reduces gearbox power loss to a minimum while maximizing mechanical integrity.


Rotor assembly provides smooth operation.

Each rotor assembly consists of a pinion shaft to which one or two impellers are attached. Pinion gears are hardened and precision ground (AGMA 13 quality) for longer life. Smooth, vibration-free operation is ensured through precision balancing of component parts, both individually and as completed assemblies.


The Latest Manufacturing Technology

Ingersoll Rand has invested in tools and facilities to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality, and shorten delivery schedules. Examples of these advanced capabilities include:


Gearbox machining Cell

The Gearbox cell is used to machine gearboxes offered in TA and MSG® centrifugal compressors. The Cell consists of a CNC-controlled horizontal machining center, with tool changer and 4 pallet system, radial drill and positioner. In short, the Gearbox Cell enables Ingersoll Rand to produce compressor gearboxes with outstanding accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.


Impeller Manufacturing System (IMS)

The IMS produces centrifugal compressor impellers faster and with greater precision than conventional machines. The CNC-controlled, five-axis milling machine is a system with all tooling, fixturing, and programming required to mill impellers from stainless steel or other material forgings. The IMS has the capacity to machine impellers from 5” to 30” diameter. The system features custom software including programs to perform coordinate measurements during the machining process to further enhance accuracy.


A tradition of craftsmanship and quality

Ingersoll Rand advanced manufacturing technologies are complimented by a tradition of excellence in craftsmanship. Highly trained experienced craftsmen build every centrifugal compressor with high quality components and materials to ensure reliability and long operating life. Compressors are built tough with high strength cast nodular iron scrolls or steel scrolls where required, cast iron gear boxes, stainless steel impellers and pivoted shoe bearings. Integral gears are hardened and precision ground for longer life and designed in accordance with AGMA standards.


Complete testing – further assurance of Ingersoll Rand quality

Ingersoll Rand outstanding quality is further assured by its testing facility where every centrifugal compressor is given a complete aerodynamic and mechanical test by highly skilled technicians.
The company has invested millions of dollars to create one of the industry’s most sophisticated testing facilities, with five test stands and a wide range of advanced testing instrumentation. All aerodynamic testing is performed per the ASME PTC-10 test code guidelines. To ensure mechanical integrity, the compressor is run 10% over its rated speed.


Test stands with variable speed drives

Four test stands have variable speed output to 11,000 horsepower. Two test cells are available for use with customer drives with maximum power of 1,250 horsepower to meet specific testing requirements.
Three separate bays allow machines to be tested simultaneously, or one machine to be tested while another is being set up, providing reduced test schedules.
Cooling towers are used to provide intercooler water, regulated to meet customer conditions according to ASME specifications. Inlet temperature can also be controlled, if necessary, to match the design conditions. Closed loop package testing is also available.


A complete range of testing instrumentation

Accurate and precise compressor testing is performed by experienced technicians utilizing the latest testing equipment, including pressure instrumentation similar to what NASA uses for its complex specifications.
Automated laser alignment tables on each test stand speed test set-up time and self-calibrating instrumentation systems assure accuracy and consistency.


A 7-Stage, double gearbox, 11000 hp Nitrogen compressor being readied for test.